Opening hours
10.00 – 18.00

Johanna Pisto & Team

Buy a ticket Johanna Pisto along with a multidisciplinary team combines visual art, music, video, design and technology in an interactive exhibition. Based on a research project by the University of Jyväskylä, the Kaikuteam developed a method for sensorialising visual arts, which is put into practice here, for the first time. The artwork reacts to […]

Sounds of the Heart – The Pulse of Punk in the middle of Finland 1977–1992

Buy a ticket This exhibition presents the history of punk for everyone: for cynical punk veterans, nerdy record collectors, and academic time travellers. The exhibition recounts the Punk way of doing things loudly and with a big heart. Punk reached Finland at the end of the 1970s and also made an impact on the youth […]

Ulla Virta – FULL ON

Buy a ticket This exhibition presents paintings, monotypes and stuccolustro work by internationally known wood-cut printmaker Ulla Virta. Ulla Virta is a painter at heart and her woodcut technique emphasises a painterly quality. Theme-scapes of her work range from the woman’s life, to animals. The expressive power of passion in the work is brought forth […]

Elina Brotherus – Space

Buy a ticket Elina Brotherus is one of Finland’s most internationally renowned, contemporary photography artists. This fall, the Aalto2 Museum Centre will premiere a new series by Brotherus. Over the past few years, this series was photographed in several buildings designed by Alvar Aalto: The Aalto House in Helsinki, the Muuratsalo Experimental House in Jyväskylä […]

Exploring Central Finland

Buy a ticket The permanent exhibition of the Museum of Central Finland traces the history of Central Finland from prehistoric times all the way to the year 2000. The exhibition ponders and presents the life of the people of the region in the different millennia, centuries, and decades.   In the exhibition, there is a […]

AALTO – Work and Life

Buy a ticket The opening of the Alvar Aalto Museum’s new permanent exhibition gives the public an opportunity to explore Alvar Aalto’ life’s work. It takes us beneath the surface into the architect’s working and design process, whether it be an individual building, a city centre, a piece of furniture, or a district plan. The […]

Human Traces – World Heritage

Buy a ticket The Aalto2 opening exhibition sheds light on the heritage of the past and, through it, reflects on the present and the future – what traces of our time will be left for posterity? The exhibition as a whole, to be shown at the museum centre, consists of a series of five displays […]