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10.00 – 18.00

ME – YOU – WE: The Jyväskylä Artists’ Association’s 74th annual exhibition

Buy a ticket Jyväskylä Artists’ Association was founded after the wars in 1945. Despite of its name, its operating area covers the whole of Central Finland. The rules of the Association emphasize the importance of exhibitions. Since the beginning the most important of the exhibitions, the annual exhibition, was held almost every year. Next year, […]

Concrete Currents – Photographs by Arto Saari

But a ticket Arto Saari is one of the most famous skateboarding professionals of the early 2000s. After leaving professional skateboarding, Arto Saari has immersed himself in photography. Concrete Currents offers a personal insight into the subculture called skateboarding. Arto Saari started skateboarding in the early 1990s in the shade of buildings designed by Alvar […]

Lizzie Armanto: Colors

Buy a ticket The Colors exhibition presents skateboarding culture through the eyes of Lizzie Armanto, a well-known American-Finnish professional skateboarder. As its name indicates, Colors explores the diversity, tolerance and colourfulness of skateboarding. It looks at places, tricks, boards and communities. A skateboarder looks at his environment through the possibilities of skateboarding. This is how […]

From the Surf to the Sidewalk – When Skateboarding Culture and Architecture Meet

Buy a ticket The exhibition shows how the free-form design of the Villa Mairea swimming pool, by Alvar Aalto, found its way to the United States and how a new phenomenon of urban culture emerged in California. The kidney-shaped pool has, over decades and through meandering paths, become a symbol of pool skateboarding. The exhibition […]

The Capital – Samples of Jyväskylä Rap

Buy a ticket Jyväskylä has been called the capital of Finnish hip hop culture. How has rap from Jyväskylä contributed to this image? The exhibition tells the story of how rap from Central Finland has had a significant impact on Finnish hip-hop culture from the 1990s to 2015.  Rap music is the most popular music […]

New Standards – Puutalo Oy 1940-1955

Buy a ticket Originally shown in the Finnish Pavilion at the Venice Architecture Biennale 2021, the exhibition tells a unique story of how Finnish prefabricated wooden houses conquered the world after the Second World War. The exhibition also includes new photographs by photographer Juuso Westerlund of Puutalo Oy’s houses. The drawings, photographs and brochures compiled […]

The Pool – The Origin of Pool Skateboarding

The Pool, opening at Aalto2 on 18 May, is a concept of four exhibitions combining Alvar Aalto’s architectural heritage, international skateboarding culture, rap and hip-hop culture. The three skateboarding exhibitions are united by the design of Alvar Aalto’s Villa Mairea pool and its influence on international skateboarding culture. An exhibition on rap and hip hop […]

Johanna Pisto & Team

Buy a ticket Johanna Pisto along with a multidisciplinary team combines visual art, music, video, design and technology in an interactive exhibition. Based on a research project by the University of Jyväskylä, the Kaikuteam developed a method for sensorialising visual arts, which is put into practice here, for the first time. The artwork reacts to […]

Heart Sounds – The Pulse of Punk in the Dead Centre of Finland 1977–1992

Buy a ticket The exhibition presents the history of punk for everyone: for cynical punk veterans, nerdy record collectors, and academic time travellers. The exhibition recounts the Punk way of doing things loudly and with a big heart. Punk reached Finland at the end of the 1970s and also made an impact on the youth […]

Ulla Virta – FULL ON

Buy a ticket The exhibition features paintings, monotypes and stuccolustro works by internationally known wood-cut printmaker Ulla Virta.   Ulla Virta is a painter at heart and her woodcut technique emphasises a painterly quality. Theme-scapes of her work range from the woman’s life, to animals. The expressive power of passion in the work is brought […]