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10.00 – 18.00

Schools and kindergartens

Aalto2 offers an immersive learning environment for people of all ages. Welcome to learn something new, participate in workshops, listen to guided tours, or simply enjoy a pleasant day trip!

Aalto2’s exhibitions provide opportunities for various types of learning, including history, social topics, as well as science and art subjects. They are natural places for practicing multiple literacies, cultural understanding, and teamwork skills. The museum offers various educational materials and tasks that can be utilized during self-guided or guided visits.

Available workshops

A museum visit tailored just for you!

At Aalto2, you can visit independently or with guided tours. It is advisable to book guided tours well in advance, at least a few weeks before the desired date. The visits are designed according to the group’s preferences and can include a customized guided tour and a hands-on workshop session.

Compass Museum Trips in Autumn 2023

Weeks 33-40, Tue-Fri, starting at 9 am. Duration: 1.5 hours.

On the OPS! museum trip for the fifth-grade students of Jyväskylä, they will explore the prehistory and history of the Central Finland region comprehensively. During the trip, they will ponder how the first Central Finnish people lived, learn about the history of Jyväskylä, and experience how modern technology enables immersion in different historical periods.

The goal is for the students to enjoy their time travel journey into the history of Central Finland and simultaneously recognize how the traces of history are still visible in their local environment today.

In the autumn, the classes that arrive at the museum by biking or walking will have a festive atmosphere, with one class at a time. Just bring pencils and a cheerful mindset! The KeMu staff will send the tasks and instructions to the teacher approximately two weeks before the visit.

Registration for autumn visits begins on August 10, 2023.

Registration and additional information: