Opening hours
10.00 – 18.00

Heart Sounds – The Pulse of Punk in the Dead Centre of Finland 1977–1992

The exhibition presents the history of punk for everyone: for cynical punk veterans, nerdy record collectors, and academic time travellers. The exhibition recounts the Punk way of doing things loudly and with a big heart.

Punk reached Finland at the end of the 1970s and also made an impact on the youth of small towns and rural farmlands from Pihtipudas to Mäntyharju and from Keuruu to Kuopio.

This kind of subculture is created when telephones are hooked on the wall, mail is sent without electricity, zines were printed on the school xerox and photos taken at a gig might be ready in a couple of days. Perfectionism was not important in Punk. Everyone was allowed to perform regardless of their technical ability or the thickness of their wallet. These principles still apply almost 50 years later.

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