Opening hours
10.00 – 18.00

Lizzie Armanto: Colors

The Colors exhibition presents skateboarding culture through the eyes of Lizzie Armanto, a well-known American-Finnish professional skateboarder. As its name indicates, Colors explores the diversity, tolerance and colourfulness of skateboarding. It looks at places, tricks, boards and communities.

A skateboarder looks at his environment through the possibilities of skateboarding. This is how the irregularly shaped pools inspired by the Villa Mairea pool once ended up as skateboarding spots in California. Lizzie, an Aalto fan, will showcase her favourite spots and share her relationship with Aalto.

Although Lizzie is an elite athlete who represented Finland in the Olympics, competition is not at the heart of skateboarding, but rather everyone is encouraged to try tricks that suit them. Skateboarding is also very much about self-expression and skateboards are an important part of that. The exhibition showcases Lizzie’s Olympia career and her own favourite boards.

"Skateboarding is so special because anyone from any background can be a part of it. I’m excited to share that with the Finnish people and hopefully inspire some more people to get on board."

Through her own example, Lizzie aims to encourage others to push their boundaries, learn about themselves,
and discover new things. Skateboarding is also a communal activity, and Finland and Finnish skate communities are particularly close to Lizzie’s heart.

The co-curator of the Colors exhibition is Jarkko Lehtopelto. The exhibition is produced by the Alvar Aalto Foundation.