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Welcome to the summer Café! Café Alvar opens a pop-up café in the Museum of Central Finland on 15.5.


The old café space on the third floor of the Museum of Central Finland is brought to life when Café Alvar opens a pop-up café for the summer there. The opening of the Café is held on Saturday 15.5. at 11.00-21.00 during the Yläkaupungin Yö festival. The museum is also exceptionally open at 11.00-22.00 on Saturday and the entrance is free. Welcome to enjoy the exhibitions and the delicious offerings of the Café!

Café Alvar, which had been in the Alvar Aalto Museum located next to the Museum of Central Finland, had to close its doors in April alongside the Alvar Aalto Museum due to the renovation of the museum building. However, when one door closed, another opened surprisingly close.

”We are really excited that we found a way to continue the Café. The idea to cooperate with the Museum of Central Finland had been in my head but it was the wishes of the customers that really set things in motion”, tells Anna Kylmälä from the Café Alvar. The concept of the Café has been changed because there is less space now. However, as before, the Café Alvar serves high quality baked goods and café items as well as delicious salads which are as self-made as possible. “We aim to expand our product range after we have gotten a feel of the possibilities offered by the space. Later in the summer, we plan to serve lunch, such as soup of the day with side dishes”, Kylmälä envisions.

The café space of the Museum of Central Finland is one of the oldest parts of the museum building, which was designed by Alvar Aalto and completed in 1960. During the 1960s, Café Ruusupuisto, ran by the company Ruth, was located there. Later, the space has been used for meetings and it has been available to book for private events. With its well-preserved original furnishings, the café space is one of the most significant interiors of the museum building.

”It is great that we can now complement our customers’ museum experience with the services of a café and the café space designed by Alvar Aalto can once again serve its original purpose”, rejoices the Director of Museums Heli-Maija Voutilainen from the Museum of Central Finland. “The plan is to over the summer gather customer feedback and experiences on how the space adapts to the demands of running a present-day café and, in the autumn, to think about the continuation based on the received feedback”, Voutilainen tells.

The Café Alvar pop-up café is open in the Museum of Central Finland from 15.5. onwards on Tue-Fri at 11.00-18.00 and on Sat-Sun at 12.00-18.00 until the end of August.

Further information:
Anna Kylmälä
Cafe Alvar
p. 044 321 3956

Johanna Rekonen
Museolehtori, Keski-Suomen museo
p. 050 311 8879


Café in the Museum of Central Finland in 1960s. @ Museum of Central Finland.

Anna Kylmälä of Café Alvar.  Raisa Nerg @ Museum of Central Finland.